So you're trying to figure out how to manage API integration between multiple 3rd party applications you use? We run into this problem often. In fact, it's why we've already integrated several project management and time tracking applications with Pushpin Planner.

Where to turn when you need custom API integration?

We do that! We've found with our existing customers that there is sometimes a need to bridge together multiple systems (internal applications included) to create a cohesive system that meets your needs. Pushpin Planner has a full REST API, so we can easily help develop custom solutions for you including custom API functions that you may need. Barring that, we can also help give your team guidance while developing your own internal application, using our API as a centerpiece or component.

Salesforce integration - and others

We can integration with all the big names, assuming their APIs can do what you need. Saleforce, JIRA, Toggl, Harvest, Pivotal, Trello, you name it. We breathe this stuff - we love it. Share with us how we can help and we'll make it happen.

Give us a shout!

If you need help, let us know. We're always available at We'd love to hear from you!